Soul-r Powered You

A 3-month Transformational Experience to plug into your natural ZING and SOUL-r

power as your guides. 

It’s time to free your spirit by living more connected to your heart. You’ll FEEL more ENERGETic, ALIGNED and ready to SHINE all the way through 2020!

- Live Connected to your JOY in ALL areas of your Life.


- Spend more time DO-ing what LIghts you up and BE-coming who you’ve been waiting FOR!


- Experience a life of EASE, EFFORTlessness, and EXCITEment with NEW habits and Rituals that Raise your Vibration and ATTRACT everything your heART desires.


- Be a part of an intimate, Sacred Circle of women who support, inspire, and keep you accountable as you journey together.

THIS is HOW you:


*Take back your ME time

*Dive into the creativity you crave

*STOP people pleasing

*Fill your WELL-ness 

*Stop taking care of everyone else before YOU

*Let go of everything that weighs you down

*Live each day More focused and less scattered

*Live Your Most Soulicious Life

How it Works:

We BEGIN Monday, March 30th

You’ll learn how to use the power of Visualization, Meditation, Intuition, Art Journaling, & Vision Boards.


* 12-Weekly 1-hour Play Dates on ZOOM in our PLAYGROUND Of POSSIBILITY  where we CONNECT, CREate, SHARE, PLAY, and SUPPort each other on our Journeys.


* PRIVATE FB Group for “Soul-r Powered YOU”  Community so that you get Inspiration, Accountability, Soul Shares, Laughs, Resources, and SUPPORT from each other AND Suzanne. 


* In addition, you get Weekly email prompts, journaling pages, meditations, videos, and/or MUCH MORE that will help support YOU on our Weekly Focus and Soul Work.


$299/mo for 3 months  OR


Pay IN FULL TOTAL of $798 (over a 10% savings)


This is a ONE-TIME-ONLY opportunity to enter at this rate.

Payments are non-refundable.


Doors to the SOUL-r Powered YOU close on TUES. March 24th


We Begin Monday, March 30th, 2020


Wondering If This Is Right for You?

Let’s chat.  Email me at so we can schedule a time to discuss if this is your next best step!


I am so excited to DO THIS together!

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Payment Option 1 -

$798 - 3 months in full

Over a 10% savings

Payment Option 2 -

$299/mo for 3 months