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Ushering in the New with So Totally Sue

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Just In case you missed my So Totally Sue Happy Hour last night where I shared the SCOOP about what’s going on in my Biz this year, here’s the total story. It’s kinda long so thanks for hanging in there with me.

If I had to sum up 2020 so far it would be all about Change, Growth, & Expansion!

It was actually back in 2015 when I planted the seeds for What’s blooming NOW in my world. I did a business “Vision Boarding” workshop where we began by making tag necklaces to wear and were asked to describe ourselves with a word. MY tag was pink, covered in sequins, and hung on fuchshia disco ball beads. On my tag I wrote: So Totally Sue-SoUL Expansion.

It sits on my desk, albeit faded but as a daily reminder of the power of Intention, Creativity, and Connection to create and manifest ALL my Dreams, even the ones I have kept safe and in hiding :)

That day in 2015 when the name So Totally Sue popped in my head, I wasn’t exactly sure why it did, “who” she was, or what this all meant. But today, 5 years later after experiencing some of the most JOYful AND Painful experiences of my life, I KNOW that So Totally Sue is ALL OF ME-my happy happy joy joy AND my sorrow, pain, fears, and tears. SHe is my ever growing, Changing, & EXPANDING best and most Aligned self. She is who I AM and who I AM Becoming.

It was that January back in 2015 that the seeds were planted for the vision I am creating for my Business today. After 30 years of designing Art Wear and personal styling women, I am taking my WHY behind my passion for ALL of that and branding my business under the “So Totally Sue” umbrella.

My brand, So Totally Sue, includes my clothing designs, my website, my artwork and ZING Collection of products, the Just Bee YOUniverse private FB group, AND both my 1:1 personal and group SOULicious LifeStyling experiences, programs, packages, and workshops. I am beyond excited to bring my whole vision under on roof for more simplicity, ease, JOY, and clarity for both YOU and for me!

So WHAT does this all mean EXACTLY?

- It means that everything I do and create will be inspired by my BIG Vision and my “WHY.” Inspiring women to Live lives led by SELF Love and Authentic Self Expression. I have spent 30 years doing that with each and every woman I personally style AND now I’m expanding my service to help women LOVE and EXPRESS themselves in every single area of their life. Our personal expression reaches beyond style alone. At its core, it’s about feeling at home in our own bodies so that then we feel confident and safe to express ourselves in other areas of our lives- where and how we work, our relationships, our hobbies, even what we eat, and where we hang out. Each area is a part of our WHOLE self. When we limit ourselves to only feel safe and confident living FULLY expressed in one or two areas of our lives, it keeps us from FULLY BEing WHO we were created to BE, and LIving the height, width, depth, and breadth of our Beautiful life.

-It means that My vision to help create a world of Self Love leaders includes

continuing to create clothing AND products that ALLOW peeps to Express the Essence of Who they ARe, to use Fashion, Fun, and our WHOLE selves as the fuel for our Self Expression, and to inspire and help women live connected to their JOY so that their Spirits are FREE to Live their Most SOULicious Lives!

-It means that I will be showing up more frequently and consistently on Facebook and IG and your INbox, sharing my messages of Self Love, Self Expression, and SOULiciousness. In addition to offering SHOPortunities for my Art and Art Wear, and BRAND NEW opportunities for 1:1 Private and Group SOULicious Lifestyle Coaching EXperiences, programs, packages , and workshops. These coaching experiences offer opportunities for you to Create SOULiciousness in every single area of your LIFE whether it’s a call to more authentically Align your Style ( personal and/or HOME) with your Soul, or wanting and needing support and accountability to create SOULicious health and wellness routines and habits . Perhaps your soul is craving a SOULicious art journey to reignite your creative SPark, or maybe you’re just exhausted from being who others need or want you to be and are READY to BE who YOU need you to BE ,and you need a coach to support YOU with creating and walking a brand new path. My 1:1 Private Coaching Experience, ALIGN-To-SHINE allows us to journey together to Create a Life that FEEDs your SOuL.

On March 16th I’ll be kicking off Choose New, Choose YOU 2.0 - a 5 DAy FREE SAcred Journey to SOULicious Transformation Challenge. Registration will OPEN THIS Week. This time around I have added even MORE Inspiration, Connection, Creativity, and Accountability and ll be sharing all about it soon so stay tuned on FB, IG, and in your INBOX to make sure you grab your spot.

So what’s going on with Clothes Encounters?

I am still designing and making clothing. Just doing it differently. After over 20 years of producing my clothing line, Clothes Encounters Clothing, in the Northeast with much expertise and production support, I am in the process of moving the entire production to Asheville. This is a process and a huge learning curve that we are navigating daily. Stay tuned for more info.

When’s the next Arty Party?

There is the possibility of a ONE DAY quickie up in NOVA in April but we are still waiting to hear about a venue and availability. The Fairfax Residence Inn Fair Lakes that we have used and loved for the last 5 years is currently under a total renovation and not available until JUNE. We just secured the first available dates Friday, June 19th and Saturday, June 20, 2020 at the hotel for our SUMmer Arty Party so be sure to mark your calendars.

Until then I will continue to bring you Colorful, New Art and Art Wear you will Love both on and during LIVE Shoportunities in the Just Bee YOU-inverse FB group on selected Wednesday Night Happy Hours.

Haven’t Joined the Just Bee YOUniverse?

It’s our Private Facebook group all about CONNection, Creativity, and Conscious Conversations. “PRIvate” so all your FB friends and family can’t see your comments, conversations, what you’re shopping for, and who you’re hanging out with. This is a SACRED space and our Happy Hub for all that’s Happy-ning with us so Click the Link below to Join NOW. Please take a sec to answer the questions or your request will be denied.

WOW! ALL these Changes!

YES! Both the intended and unforeseen changes are BIG undertakings creatively, physically, emotionally and technically. We are practicing daily patience and trust in allowing all to unfold, showing up each day and taking the next step toward our vision while navigating the daily twists and turns. We realize just how much this time in our lives and biz are calling us to do our own work around connecting to our joy, pausing to spend time to do what we know allows us to feel grounded, aligned, calm, happy, energized and focused despite all the stress. ALL the sacred steps and practices I teach in my lifestyle coaching experiences, I AM BEING called to DO and EMBODY on this journey of change, growth, and expansion.

You know the saying, “we teach what we most need to learn?” Well, I am definitely getting my “expert wings” on this journey! We KNOW These shifts will ultimately lead us to SERVing YOU better while allowing me to spend my energy creating, sharing, and offering products and services that light me up ANd are vehicles for YOU to use and improve, transform, and enjoy in your own lives.

This yearning for growth and expansion in my life and biz resulted from the work, practices, processes, and creativity I have done (and still do!) on my own Journey to SOULicious Living. They have allowed me to observe my life and biz from a higher perspective so that i could SEE the impact and inspiration that sharing my gifts with YOU has had.

Observing my life from a higher perspective led me to ask myself HOW I can BE of service to you even MORE? How I can use my gifts to help YOU Live your most SOULicious Life?

I asked myself, “HOW can WE take the Experiences, lessons, and self confidence we have created by outwardly expressing ourselves in our COLorFull YOUnique ways AND use them to SHIFT from Fear to LOVE, Growth, and Expansion in EVERy area of our LIFE?” Because we already know we inspire others just by dressing in clothing that “feels most like us,” so just IMAGINE how aligning EVERY part of us with our highest, truest, and BRIGHTESt self, and sharing our SOULicious energy and example will inspire and impact others!!!!!

I FELT the answer throughout my entire body.

I KNOW that THIS is how we create CHANGE, Growth, and TRAnsformation. And that YOUR journey doesn’t have to be a full of fear, struggle, or steeped in suffering. I KNOW this because I have discovered and experienced ANOTher way. A path led by LOve and paved with Curiousity, Creativity,Connection, and Consciousness. I continue Practicing this path daily so that I can help women like YOU Discover your OWN YOU-inquest ingredients that FILL YOUR cup and FEEd YOUR SOuL and Live the SOULicious LIFe you are here to claim.

It is my passion, my JOY, and my Super power.

Are YOU ready to CREate a life that FEEDs your SOUL?

Hit Reply to this email and we will schedule your FREE SOUL-unions session where In 30 minutes I’ll tell you the #1 shift you need to make to put yourself on the path toward creating and living the LIFE you crave.

WHEw! I told you it was a LONG one and I am grateful for your presence and time and allowing me to share it all with you!

I’d love to hear your thoughts, comments, ideas, and of course would love to schedule a call with YOU to talk about how we can work together to create your dreams and reach your goals. Just hit REPLY to this email for All of that.

Don’t forget to JOin the Just Bee YOUniverse! Here’s the link again.


Stay tuned THIS WEEK when we OPEN Registration for Choose YOU, Choose NEW 2.0 -a 5 day FREE Sacred Journey to SOULicious Transformation Challenge to save your spot!

With a heart of overflowing gratitude,

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