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A Free 5 Day Sacred Journey to SOUL-icious Transformation


Kicking Off March 16th!

A Free 5 Day Sacred Journey to

SOUL-icious Transformation


5 days of Mindset, Movement, and Magic

towards Living YOUR most SOULicious Life!


Kicking Off March 16th!




In just 5 days YOU’ll Learn:

  • The NEW RULES of TRUE Transformation 


  • How to Set yourself up for Success with your top 3 Sacred steps


  • HOW to Create YOUR Soul-r System of Support - the Who and What that elevates, inspires, and Cheers you on when everything sucks and you’re ready to give up


  • What you need to SHIFT to ALIGN ALL areas of your life so you can SHINE your brightest


  • How to Create your 2020 Sacred Steps Map to get what you most desire 


  • The secret to staying focused and motivated on your journey




CUSTomer LOVE for So Totally SUE


“She’s FUN, exuberant, loving, kind, compassionate, REAL….”


“You’re truly are the poster child for having dreams and following them despite the nay-sayers”


“Sue shares her thoughts and feelings in a way that is truly inspirational…...she has helped me think of myself in a new and better way…..”


“You are so insightful.  You have a gift and talent you share with everyone.”


“YOU have Magic in YOU!....That’s why you’re an inspiration….And thank you for being you, the REAL you in all things you do and share.”


“You bring JOY to so many people with your courage, grace, and charm.  Add that colorful, happy clothes and a buoyant outlook on life….”


“Suzanne has created a colorful sanctuary that soothes the soul and a place for your inner child to dance in her womanly body.”


“I call her business the 'JOY Ministry' - she brings JOy, laughter, light, and self acceptance to women of all shapes and sizes.”


“This is where I shop.  This is what I wear.  These are the clothes that make me feel like I can conquer the world!  These clothes have changed my life.”


“When I put on her clothing I am transported to a happy and joyful place.”


“My Suzanne style never goes out of style.  I cannot imagine dressing “normal” again!’




CHoose New Choose You  2.0 is NEW & Improved!


MORE Inspiration, More CREativity, MORE CONNECTIon & MORE Accountability


In addition to 5 days of LIVE step by step trainings each evening here’s what’s NeW :


  • Daily morning “Pep talk” videos for the 5 days of the Journey to help uplift, inspire, and motivate you to start your day on the bright side!


  • The Choose New, Choose YOU 2.0 Downloadable PLAYbook, with journal prompts, mini Vision boarding, and ALL to keep you focused in your flow, and having FUN on your journey!  You’ll record and revisit your notes, inspirations, A-has, Ta-dahs, creative doodles and noodles and anything else that inspires and uplifts you during your Sacred Journey.


  • Daily Giveaways for Showing up and posting your homework.

  • Your own downloadable 2020 Sacred Steps to SOUL-iciousness Map & Worksheet.











Who is Suzanne Armstrong-So Totally SUE?


Suzanne Armstrong is a Coach and Cheerleader for women who want to create a life led by self-love and acceptance and fueled by JoY and

authentic self expression.


She is A Self-love leader, Artist, Artwear designer and what she has

termed a SOULicious LifeStylist.  (Because she loves to

make up words to express herself!)


For over 30 years she has helped thousands of women Authentically EXPRESS themselves in the world  by using Fashion and Fun to connect to their JOY,

and Free their SPIRITS from the shoulds and safety of societal norms.


Her life experiences of growing up feeling “different,” being from a military family that moved frequently, experiencing several miscarriages,

conquering breast cancer and being an entrepreneur since age 26

ALL fuel her  work with even greater LOVE & passion for helping

women CREate Lives that FEED their SOULS. 


Suzanne uses the lessons and wisdom gained from her own journey of

self Awareness, Truth telling and Surrender as the Expertise to help

women create the SOULicious Lives they are here to claim. 




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